Meredith & Mark: Engagements

From the bride-to-be

How they met:

We were introduced by mutual friends – a college friend of Mark was dating, and is now married to, a college friend of mine.


First date: 

We first met at Eddie V’s, but our first date was at Meddlesome Month. (We broke up for a year, and our first date back together was at Steel, as we had hoped to keep it quiet for a bit. But of course, we ran into a couple of friends and the cat was out of the bag early.)


He took me to Europe for 10 days, and planned for us to go to the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, visit St. Tropez for several days and the French Open. He waited until the very last night of the trip and proposed on the Pont de Arts (a.k.a. the lock bridge). In 2013, while we were broken-up and not really even talking, Mark was in Paris and put a lock on bridge with our last names. He took a picture and thew away one of the keys. He never told me about the lock until we walked on the bridge that evening. He then proposed in front of our lock – in both French and English. He also proposed with his mom’s engagement ring, as she passed away three years earlier. It was wonderful to have her as part of that moment. Two hours later after dinner, Mark surprised me with a second ring, which is now my engagement ring. The entire trip was a trip of a life time, and it had the perfect ending 🙂


What they like to do together: 

Watch movies, play with our fur baby/dog named Gracie, eat great sushi and Mexican food, cheer on SMU football and basketball in hopes of one day being great, travel and have dinner with friends.

How they are alike and different: 

I would say we are both optimistic, genuinely happy people. We love being social, we both are strong in our faith and we have tremendous love for family and friends. While I love being social, Mark takes it to a whole new level. That is probably our biggest difference. He can’t say no to a board meeting, social engagement or anything, he loves it all! That, and he is much better at tennis 🙂

Most romantic thing: 

Mark = The proposal. I’m not sure this qualifies as romantic or not, but I am a big birthday person. I love to decorate the house with balloons, streamers, banners, and confetti, make Mark breakfast in bed and give him gifts throughout the day. For his 40th birthday, I had two pictures blown up of his mom riding horses when she was younger, mounted and framed for his house.


Mark is keeping this a surprise!

What they do professionally and outside of work: 

Mark is in the investment (Family Office/Hedge Fund) industry, and Meredith is head of Marketing and Business Development for a law firm.

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