Engagement Portraits

Engagement PortraitsMary Welch2019-03-06T16:47:49+00:00

Project Description

These are fun! We make them fun. Without giving away our secret, we will guide you through a few strategic plans to ensure that the resulting portraits are not only beautiful, but also relaxed and natural. We believe that the experience is what allows for beautiful candid portraits, and genuine smiles that aren’t forced or contrived.

We anticipate all of your questions like “What to wear?” and “Where should we take them?” But that preparation is the bare minimum to

make sure you leave the session excited and enthusiastic for what is on its way to you. And then there are so many uses for them throughout your engagement season! From your engagement announcement, to showers, all the way to your rehearsal dinner and wedding weekend, these are also as present in your home after the wedding.