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Project Description

Sometimes taking an opportunity to give thanks to friends, colleagues, and loved ones just for being them is a great excuse to throw a party ­– especially when it occurs around the Thanksgiving holiday. This stylish appreciation brunch celebrated the host’s special guests with a fun, light-hearted event featuring unique décor, personal touches, and surprise performances.

Guests found their seats at long rectangular tables adorned with strips of kraft paper and additional foliage runners of greenery accentuated with blooms in shades of apricot and as well as fruit. Inspirational sayings, such as “We Are Thankful for You!” and “Praise the Lord & Pass the Biscuits,” were inscribed in modern calligraphy on the paper runners. Ornate ivory charger plates and blue-and-white china decorated tabletops along with beige napkins and amber goblets waiting to be filled. Drink options included a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar featuring a laser-cut sign in modern calligraphy reading, “Because You’re Bloody Fabulous.” The table, also covered with kraft paper, denoted the ingredients displayed in each silver container: olives, lemons, limes, salami, celery sticks, pepper, and more.

Fried chicken and other brunch-themed menu items were served, and espresso was provided from a bar decorated with a “My Cup Runneth Over” banner. A wall of tambourines decorated with “We Can’t Sing Without You!” labels foreshadowed the entertainment to come. Before the host gave her speech, a surprise gospel choir performance erupted through the setting and brought a smile to every guest’s face. Attendees were sent off feeling loved, appreciated, and grateful with favors in brown bags, which were displayed on a wooden shelving unit featuring a “Thanks Y’all” sign and cornucopia-style vegetables to fit the theme of the day.