Sweet Seaside

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Project Description

How they met: Case and Kenzie met at a friend’s birthday party at the Katy Trail Ice House. First date: We went to Eno’s Pizza in the Bishop Arts District. There was a hurricane that night, and we almost couldn’t get back to my house because there was a tree down in the front yard!

Proposal: Case proposed at my parents lake house in East Texas on Easter Weekend. We went on a walk, and he asked me right next to the lake. He surprised me when minutes later group of friends came out to the lake from all over Texas and we celebrated all day.

What they like to do together: We enjoy hanging out with our friends, trying new restaurants, and exploring Dallas.

Honeymoon: We are going to Hermitage Bay in Antigua

What they do professionally and outside of work: Kenzie works in office brokerage at CBRE, and Case works in private equity.