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Monograms for the Home

Monograms for the HomeMary Welch2019-03-18T22:22:20-05:00

Project Description


For her seventh hardback publication, author and lifestyle expert Kimberly Schlegel Whitman found her muse embroidered, engraved, printed, hand-painted, and executed in countless other forms in her daily life: monograms. “While monograms have a rich history going all the way back to the sixth century BC, they’re anything but outdated. Luscious photography and Whitman’s expressive writing peppered with quotes from etiquette experts shows that monogramming is still very much in vogue.”


Over a collaborative period of several months, full-page worthy photographs and content were created to fill nearly two hundred pages of this coffee table manifesto on monograms. Seeing the final product designed and printed was an immense feeling of accomplishment. And further seeing the book be met with rave reviews locally and nationally on her press tour was added affirmation when the book was reprinted to meet demand.