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Our Favorite Bridal After Party and Getaway Looks

Do you remember your parents wedding portraits during the getaway? I do—my dad wore a navy suit and my mother wore a very 80s blush skirt suit as guests tossed rice and they escaped to Hawaii on their honeymoon. You do not see this change of clothes anymore. I predict it’s because couples are rarely actually jetting off,  but the old tradition has taken a new form in the last decade. While grooms rarely ever change, brides will change into an ensemble a bit more festive and loose fit for the dance floor or after-party. Sometimes this is simply a dress addition or subtraction, other times this is an entire wardrobe change. No matter the occasion, we have loved seeing this old tradition be re-visited by brides! Please see above for a collection of a few of our favorite party dresses from JCP brides.

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