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That’s Cake?! Groom’s Cakes with All the Personality

By Mary Welch

A wedding day is an intimate affair, no matter the wedding size, so personal touches often mirror the bride’s and groom’s personalities. As we mentioned before, a couple’s wedding cake reveals a lot more than just their sweet tooth! The cake can carry the wedding’s essence and aesthetic in one single slice—decadent, minimal, floral covered, 7-tiers of towering sweetness, etc. Different than the bridal cake, however, the groom’s cake is usually an area the groom can throw in his not-so-wedding-day-appropriate touches like hunting, greasy food, and team spirit. The groom may not have gotten his decoration requests, but we encourage he show all his favorite things in a delicious creation.

From the University of Texas Tower cake to the Blackhawk helicopter confection, we put together all the groom’s cakes that made us (and the groom) say, “That’s CAKE?!!” We hope this provides you with some tasteful (pun intended) ways to incorporate all the personality!

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