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All About the Family Portrait

By John Cain Sargent

While we each have a few favorite moments to photograph on the wedding day, it doesn’t fail us that decades and generations from now, your family portraits will probably be the most visible to your future children, children’s children, great grand children, etc…. After the wedding their first immediate use is typically for the Christmas card, but beyond season’s greetings the new family portrait is the first official portrait of your new family!

The Shot List

For the most part we are taking pictures that everyone wants. Sometimes it is a special request specifically for ________ (the MOB, the bride, your grandparents, etc.…) It’s okay to deeply care about wanting a photo that someone else may not care as much about, and not an issue to make it happen. We only have one chance to! It’s important to consider all important perspectives and requests ahead of time, because if they think they want the photo in our planning meeting, chances are they will want it on the wedding day even more. It is much better to plan ahead and include time for everything when a shot may only add a minute or two to the run-of-show.  We never want you to have regret over opting-out later.

The Setting

These are YOUR pictures, and while we love time-honored traditions, we care more that you LOVE these photos and that is largely driven by the location. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be either/or, and with enough time it can be both + and, if it’s a priority to you. Does Mom want a portrait like she had at the Church altar, but you love the look of outdoor photos? We can do both! If neither of you care for indoor photos, then we really don’t have to take anything you know you won’t love! Many of the churches and venues have their ‘prettiest’ spots, and we’d love to show you and see which you like the most.


For the MOB and any other women that are not bridesmaids, if bridesmaids will be in the family photo (sisters, sisters-in-law of the bride) make sure that your color choices compliment each other. Men are typically in black tie or suits, so the only color concern here would be tie choice if not wearing a tuxedo. If the bridesmaids are in green, then a sister-in-law in red may clash.


There is no stress if you are early. Given the importance of the day, a few minutes of downtime to reflect might not be a bad thing. Tell yourself you need to be there fifteen minutes earlier than the true call time.  Can you imagine the opposite effect when nieces and nephews are ten minutes late, and arrive still needing to be dressed?

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