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‘Something Blue’ to Cure the Approaching January Blues

By Mary Welch

The end of the holiday hustle and bustle is approaching which means my social calendar goes from 60 to 0 rather quickly. For me, this always brings the ‘January blues’ which are defined by a social slow-down that is one-part enjoyable, two-parts shocking. To refocus my energy, I think upon new projects and tasks to entertain my busy self. If I were a bride, I would focus my energy on my wedding weekend wardrobe as an exciting way to prepare for a new year’s adventure (and because of end of year sales).

‘Something old’ and ‘something borrowed’ you can discuss with your family while together during the holidays, but ‘something blue’ is where I would begin shopping! It’s a wonderful past time to cure the January blues without becoming an overwhelming undertaking. From cocktail rings to monogrammed stitching, we curated some of our favorite ‘something blue’ accessories from brides past to provide some inspiration as you begin your search!

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